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Raw Food Recipes

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Simple Raw Food Cookie Recipe, Ep188

A simple & easy Raw Food Shortbread Cookie recipe!! To get the recipe measurements, go to http://www.rawradianthealth.com/blog

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Duration : 0:7:50

25 Responses

  1. SubconsciousGatherer

    @Sharazapam 100% …
    @Sharazapam 100% Pure Organic Agave from Trader Joe’s. I’ve started using it in my coffee instead of sugar or honey. Dissolves easily, even in cold.

  2. AmberRaffile

    yum! I’m wondering …
    yum! I’m wondering if you could use raw pumpkin seeds!

  3. guitarlovenjc

    I wonder if you can …
    I wonder if you can use Tahini paste?

  4. ikastin

    omg….i love your …
    omg….i love your spunk! you make me happy….and so do the cookies…HA!

  5. mywootgarden

    Its not a cookie, …
    Its not a cookie, how dissapointing.

  6. Sharazapam

    Could you could …
    Could you could substitute the honey for something vegan?

  7. fontrella

    You know I bet this …
    You know I bet this would make a great raw pie crust. I will have to try this. Thanks.


    I’m almost three …
    I’m almost three minutes into the video and you are still talking about WHY you are making raw cookies.. jeez…. Can you edit a little?

  9. Boudica999

    Ewwww it would be …
    Ewwww it would be like eating flour and water

  10. whitbyjet65

    Too much talking. I …
    Too much talking. I came looking for recipes not a speech.

  11. mathieubarber

    Your wonderful …
    Your wonderful presence reminded me why im raw x

  12. deepwatertree

    @4:00…FASTEST… …

    Thanks, this sounds good. Maybe I’ll try them with a little cinnamon too. =]

    By the way, you have an infectious personality. Much Love to you. =D

  13. bigbitchification

    I wonder if it will …
    I wonder if it will work with regular sesame seeds.

  14. BrokenexFlowersex

    I would add coconut …
    I would add coconut oil to it!

  15. turkishhash

    Luuv this recipe!!! …
    Luuv this recipe!!! I just add a bit of cinnamon and it’s da bomb. Thanks for posting 🙂

  16. Bimboesque

    I just made these.. …
    I just made these……. and they are soooooooo tasty!

  17. invista360

    cookies and pie?… …
    cookies and pie?………My favorite! he he

  18. frietjericcardo

    i’m viewer 999!

    i’m viewer 999!

  19. MissMatania

    Thanx Natasha!! all …
    Thanx Natasha!! all ur topics are so great!!

  20. AudreysMommie2002

    Perfect! Thanks!
    Perfect! Thanks!

  21. catsmew

    You should add some …
    You should add some spices to it — like cinnamon or cardamom.

  22. claregoesraw

    i tried to make …
    i tried to make this but i didn’t get the hulled sesame because the hulled didn’t specifically say raw… and i mixed in some dates because the honey wasn’t mixing well~ and i made a lot more than 4 hahaha. they are cooling right now~

  23. RawRadiantHealth

    Its pure yum!! And …
    Its pure yum!! And yes it like Tahini & honey (I developed a weird reaction to Tahini, I started getting migraines so I had to stop eating Tahini). But then I started experimenting with gringing sesame seeds, that is fresh, and I have no headaches or problems!! Perfect!! 🙂

  24. RawRadiantHealth

    Its fine!! Thats …
    Its fine!! Thats why its 10 Days– in case something comes up or someone gives into temptation, there is enough time to get back on the fast and have benefit!!! Its the quality, no the quantity that counts!!! Hope you join us 🙂

  25. RawRadiantHealth

    No problem Avril!! …
    No problem Avril!! Take it one day at a time 🙂

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