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Raw Food Recipes

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Raw Ranch Dressing – An Easy To Make Raw Food Recipe

Visit http://www.learnrawfood.com to see more raw food recipes. Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare a delicious dairy-free ranch dressing using soaked cashews. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy.

Having a delicious, creamy salad dressing on hand makes it easier to get everyone in your household — from finicky kids to stubborn grown-ups — excited about eating their vegetables. In this video, Jennifer Cornbleet shares her raw, dairy-free version of the all-American favorite: ranch dressing.

Soaked raw cashews give this raw salad dressing its velvety texture.

Salt is a key ingredient in this simple recipe, so Jennifer explains how to select a good quality salt and reveals how the color of salt can indicate the presence of healthy minerals.

The iconic ‘ranch taste’ is achieved with tangy lemon juice and onion and garlic powders which provide a smoky, muted flavor. Commercially bottled dressings generally get their flavor profile from chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Since there is no mayonnaise base to this dressing, it’s perfect for when you want to eat raw on the go. It keeps for hours at room temperature with no concern about spoilage.

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25 Responses

  1. Nadiner71

    You are talented. …
    You are talented. Your recipes have a lot of flavor. Thank you. I’ll buy your book for sure.

  2. movidablue

    Thank you …

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I just tried the spaghetti one and it was delicious. I was thinking how this dressing would be with it, since I was once a spaghetti and ranch addict. Keep on making great food!


  3. niftybean

    You are always so …
    You are always so sweet and cute and cheery, it’s great! We just watching love you and your recipes look amazing, very kid friendly which is just what I’m after for my two rug rats. Raw recipes are often so complex and LARGE! These are perfect, just enough for a meal for us with no left overs. We’re going to pick up your book and add it to our collection. Thank you so much!

  4. Longhairstile

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this recipe. I knew cahsews would taste better than the sunflower seeds. I want to do it 🙂

  5. whatrosebud

    I made this last …
    I made this last week and it was amazing! AMAZING! I’m finished with dairy or mayo based dressings! This changes everything!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. JenniferCornbleet

    Omnivores LOVE …

    Omnivores LOVE it. It tastes just like “Hidden Valley Ranch”.


  7. iroc31407

    what do omnivores …
    what do omnivores think of this recipe? i want to try it and i will but taste is very important to me although i am vegan.

  8. LitisGod

    @daemona71 It’s …
    @daemona71 It’s okay to have whatever you want. Alcohol is fine consumed in moderation and so are other drugs. It’s just not necessary for the human body. We get enough sodium and chloride from plants. Sea salt tastes so good to our palette mainly because our food (both organic and not) does not contain all the minerals. If you want to learn about the future of food research oceansolution. Ocean water contains all 90 minerals in the perfect ratio. It is 98% identical to our own blood.

  9. daemona71

    So you …

    So you think because you read somewhere on the internet that the above it true, you believe it right away?
    All minerals have a slight toxic impacts to our body, just like anything else.
    We should not be afraid of a very moderate usage of the SEA SALT, especially like Himalayan and others with more colour in it.
    Salt is a basic human taste and even our blood is slightly salty. It is OK to have additional salt next to those from vegs and fruit.

  10. LitisGod

    @daemona71 From my …
    @daemona71 From my research I have found no peer reviewed studies convincing me that salt is good. It has an opiate effect much like sugar does. Minerals from the sea are consumed by plants and then we consume plants which contain the minerals. Sodium is a caustic alkali and chloride is a poisonous gas. Try not having salt for 2 weeks and you’ll notice withdrawal effects. Or just do some research.

  11. LarryCook333

    @LitisGod Processed …
    @LitisGod Processed salt is poison, sea salt is very good for the body. It has a trace mineral content of about 4%, which is the same as our blood. “Salary” comes from the word salt, since roman soldiers were paid in salt. India was liberated because of salt. Salt = minerals, minerals we need. Put a little sea salt on the tongue and watch how it gives a little “pick me up” – that’s the minerals doing their job.

  12. daemona71

    Salt is …

    Salt is excellent for you! It’s a pure mineral out of the sea. Just like with anything, if you overdo it, it can harm you, so you have to watch out for the portion you’re using in your food.

  13. LitisGod

    Does your body …
    Does your body crack? If so, it’s most likely because of salt. Salt is terrible for you–it has no nutritional value and it causes tons of harm to your joints, kidney’s, and the rest of your body.

  14. JenniferCornbleet

    This is one of my …
    This is one of my favorite dips, too. Serve it at a party with cut up veggies and people think it’s “Hidden Valley Ranch!”

  15. thesuperlace

    I just made this …
    I just made this dip… and I am impressed… never in a million years would I think to combine ingredients like this… it’s fantastic!!!

  16. VSuarez2010

    @TheOmegaman33611 …
    @TheOmegaman33611 She used cashews. In one of her other videos, she mentions soaking nuts in water to soften. Hope that helps.

  17. RochelleHansonMusic

    Does it also work …
    Does it also work with sesame seeds?? instead of cashews???

  18. krystalmarie36

    thank you for …
    thank you for telling me that about the blender because i can’t afford all the usually suggested blendtecs, vitamix, ect… and have wondered why could i not use my already bought kitchen appliances…as i have been doing with pretty good success…love your videos

  19. TheOmegaman33611

    Hi, what do you …
    Hi, what do you soak the croutons in at the beginning of the video? Olive Oil or water or ???

  20. KissesGallore

    Hmm..that looks …
    Hmm..that looks JUST like ranch dressing, that’s amazing! I wonder how it tastes…

  21. SmilingEyes79

    I would rather die …
    I would rather die than eat this.

  22. sprinky100

    I got the book, so …
    I got the book, so if anyone wants the recipe for this send me a message. 🙂

  23. jurgislv

    @kylehalfangel …
    @kylehalfangel write them yourself lazy ass

  24. montyloree

    Yep… that’s …
    Yep… that’s exactly what I need…. !!

  25. Username2046

    @BillionYears …
    @BillionYears exactly! lol

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