Raw Food Recipes

Raw Food Recipes

Healthy Life Styles Through Raw Food Recipes

Raw Food Recipes – Mango Coconut Meat Power Smoothie

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Raw Food Recipes

Mango Coconut Meat Power Smoothie


1 Young Coconut (water from)

3 Young Coconuts (meat from)

2 Mangoes (make sure they are ripe and tasty!)


1) Blend in Vita-Mix*, or other high-powered blender http://BLENDERS.life-regenerator.com

2) Enjoy!

*I recommend the commercial grade Vita-Mix blenders from their “Vita-Prep” line. The premium model, which I use is the Vita-Prep 1005. The next step down is the Vita-Prep 1002

Yes, these blenders cost A LOT compared to the average blender you grew up with, but this is no ordinary blender. It is VERY, VERY powerful and it will last *forever*, as long as you show it love. It is well worth the investment…especially if you think of it as an investment in your health and well-being! 😉

Duration : 0:8:50

25 Responses

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  5. frustratedoperator

    where’s the greens?
    where’s the greens?

  6. Revolution3030

    @exometria Any of …
    @exometria Any of those bottled smoothies are totally half compared to the real deal. blend up some fresh fruit for some real shizzy

  7. misseptember

    pressure wash my …
    pressure wash my juicer durring the summer and man im right there with ya lol it is awesome ahah

  8. southhridge

    so thats what they …
    so thats what they call it weat grass shots?l lol

  9. Deanneas

    how did you open it …
    how did you open it?/. i had such a hard time.

  10. natesmom2244

    mango & coconut my …
    mango & coconut my two favorite flavours!!!

  11. exometria

    Hey Dan,

    What is …
    Hey Dan,

    What is your opinion on commercial fruit/veggie smoothies, specifically Naked Fruit and Harvest Farms? I’m assuming they are not as good as home blends, but do they still have benefits?

  12. liferegenerator

    Watch these two …
    Watch these two vids of mine –

    RAW FOOD DIET – How I got into raw foods! (part one)
    RAW FOOD DIET – How I got into raw foods! (part two)


  13. funkyjones

    Hey Dan,
    So what is …

    Hey Dan,
    So what is your (life)story?
    Do you live in a campground?
    Just curious….
    Love your energy and vids.

  14. TheHuntersMoon713

    you think you could …
    you think you could do this with just one coconut? lol cus i just got and i wanna do lol thx

  15. thomaslecky203

    Great video. I used …
    Great video. I used to be vegan you have me thinking about going back to that lifestyle.

  16. ChefRawLaLa

    “Fruits and nuts …
    “Fruits and nuts for energy, herbs to heal you.” Simple, powerful message.

  17. liferegenerator

    Fresh in shell nuts!
    Fresh in shell nuts!

  18. 1pigirl

    When you mention …
    When you mention nuts, do you buy anything in a can or just the bags in the produce section? What nuts are the best?
    Thanks alot.

  19. RawHealingPatch

    we cannot get …
    we cannot get enough of the altaufo mangoes. unbelievable! so glad others are recognizing their superior flavor! 🙂 also, smoothies tend to get a bit warm in the summer, so add a couple of ice cubes to freshen up and cool down as we sip. much better than the ice cream shop! thanks, dan

  20. StarFlower99654

    I take mine and put …
    I take mine and put the powder from a probiotic cap and let it sit on the counter for 2 days to ferment into yogurt. Then mix in berries and some honey..YUM YUM

  21. coconutboi11


  22. rawbirbella

    You rawk Dan! I …
    You rawk Dan! I soak up all the motivation and drive you are giving. Thanks for taking the time and for sharing your story. You really make my day!
    I was kind of “crying” as I watched you, because those yummy yellow! Mangoes and young coconut are not available here in Italy – but I tasted them abroad and do DEFINITELY know how delicious that drink must be!
    Keep on kicking our butts!! It helps!

  23. 4007fairview

    Thank you Dan – I …
    Thank you Dan – I will definitely try this. We defrosted our freezer yesterday and we have so much frozen coconut meat. Thanks for showing a great way to use it up.

    I’ll try the melon baller too!

    Debbie *Ü*

  24. okeeno27

    they are unique and …
    they are unique and that looks so tasty

  25. Akim1121

    All your recipes …
    All your recipes are unique yet simple. I’ve tried every one and they’ve all been amazing. These are my “go-to” recipes now! Thanks!

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