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Raw Food Recipes

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Raw Food Lunch: Not Tuna Pâté & Crudités – A Healthy and Light Raw Food Recipe

Visit http://www.learnrawfood.com to see more raw food recipes. Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare Not Tuna Pâté & Crudités, especially for lunch. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy.

Jennifer’s raw, light, and healthy Not Tuna Pâté is a terrific mealtime multi-tasker. It keeps beautifully in the refrigerator and its easy to double or even triple the recipe so you have it on hand all week.

Similar to a dip, but with a culinary pedigree, Not Tuna Pate is made from soaked nuts and seeds that are ground in food processor and than flavored with herbs and aromatics.

• Raw sunflower seeds
• Raw Almonds
• Fresh lemon juice
• Salt
• Celery
• Onion
• Fresh Parsley

This easy raw food delight can spread onto Romaine lettuce leaves for a satisfying take-to-the-office lunch or afternoon snack for kids and teens. You can layer it between thick slices of juicy tomato for a dainty brunch dish. It can be spooned into sweet bell peppers to become an easy dinner entrée or be served as a dip.

You can’t have a dip without chips. So as well as preparing Not Tuna Pate, Jennifer shows you how to cut vegetables like zucchini into perfect mouth-sized chips so that you and your guests don’t ‘double dip.’

And she has some special tips for cutting broccoli florets so that they stay intact and don’t turn into crumbles.

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  1. DaffyJeffy

    We are enjoying …
    We are enjoying your book, and I love watching the videos! I always put one on when I need a little inspiration.

  2. silvernni

    after viewing all …
    after viewing all these Vegan recipes I just wonder if they really are good, forget about it being just healthy I need flavor that actually taste gooooood!!!! for real lol

  3. JenniferCornbleet

    You can totally …

    You can totally leave the cuke unpeeled. Hope you enjoy the pate!

  4. whatrosebud

    if you are using …
    if you are using organic veggies, why peel the cucumber? The dark green is the healthiest part. I can’t wait to make this. It sounds so much better than the pate I was making like this- I just used walnuts, celery, sea salt and garlic, which is good, but this seems a million times better!

  5. alexandroschlois

    probably something …
    probably something very heavy fell on your head when you were a baby…are you sure you are not a sheep or a horse?

  6. daemona71

    You should have …
    You should have your own show on the Food channel! You’re great!

  7. puregreenbliss

    So sweet! love it
    So sweet! love it

  8. BoltaVS

    @melodiouscanopies …
    @melodiouscanopies why?

  9. melodiouscanopies

    you have to be …
    you have to be soooo creative to come up with this stuff!

  10. UberHyperSugarFiend

    lol it …

    lol it probably came with the house! After all, a person would rather leave it then spend the money to get it removed!

  11. francineW1

    Juice scrap bowl …
    Juice scrap bowl GOOD IDEA!

  12. alfred94ify

    I just made this !! …
    I just made this !!! I didn`t think I would like it !!!! I was dreading the first taste of it !!!! WOW !!!!!! It is so-oo GOOD !!!! It does taste like Tuna !!!! My family LOVES it !!!! We used it on the Tomato stackers with the Pesto !!!! YUMMMMMMMMY !!! Just picked up Jennifer`s book yesterday AWESOME !!!! Can`t wait to make more Recipe`s !!!! Was a sugar addict for years, now getting the right sugar !!! Dropping in weight !!! 🙂 Thank You Jennifer for your book !!! <3

  13. TickleMehNancy

    I love her.
    I love her.

  14. paula3280

    very well done! You …
    very well done! You are a great speaker. I enjoy your videos.

  15. lukehard242

    love this, thank …
    love this, thank you!!!!


    umn i liked her …
    umn i liked her marinara recipe but i didnt like this recipe i threw it away 🙁

  17. kaede103084

    crudite + guacamole …
    crudite + guacamole is also really good, having some right now ^^

  18. RochelleHansonMusic

    soooooooo awesome 🙂
    soooooooo awesome 🙂

  19. mrrawrlicious

    That is one of …
    That is one of a big lunch bag Jen o.o

  20. turuanu

    I assume seaweed is …
    I assume seaweed is ok for a raw food diet, so I’d add that for more fishy flavor. I used to make a mock tuna salad with a boiled chickpea paté, other spices and powdered seaweed.
    By the way, what’s up with that 6-burner stove in there?

  21. turuanu

    @DrSeptember …
    @DrSeptember hahahahahahahaha!

  22. bunkinbunkin

    Jennifer, I love …
    Jennifer, I love your recipes 😀 Just one question, while grinding my soaked nuts, I couldn’t get my pate to look pure white like yours does. Did you do anything else to the soaked almonds? Or am I just obsessing on looks? 😀

  23. MegaSupaFine

    i’ve watched this …
    i’ve watched this video like 20 times already.

  24. veganorleans

    I absolutely LOVE …
    I absolutely LOVE these videos !! Thank You Jenifer , I am making 3 of these recipes for a friend who is in remission from cancer largely due ( she did chemo as well) to the fact that she completely changed her diet to an alkaline mostly raw fruits and veggies diet after her diagnosis . .

  25. DrSeptember

    I´m a sultan. Let´s …
    I´m a sultan. Let´s get married.

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