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Easy Kid Raw Recipe! – Day 20 of 100 Raw Food Challenge – 73

Julie Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward bring you in depth information about what you can make with your children! Raw pasta marinara is simple, quick, and kids love it!

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RAW PASTA MARINARA RECIPE (adapted from coconutboi11)
Take one or two packages of kelp noodles and let them sit wtih a dash od sea salt and lemon juice in a bowl to soften. Prepare the sauce below while this sits.

2 tomatoes
1 red bell pepper
1 c soaked sundried tomatoes
1 T olive oil
1-2 garlic cloves
1 T each of basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme
sea salt and peppercorn to taste
basil leaves for garnish

blend all of the sauce ingredients in a food processor and taste. add more spices or salt/pepper to desired amount.

pour the sauce over noodles that should now be tender. garnish with basil leaves if you like.

Thanks for the recipe, Johnnie!

Duration : 0:8:26

13 Responses

  1. MyOwnStickFigure

    It’s been in the …
    It’s been in the box for so long it’s going to need a cob web cleaning… and right in time for Halloweenie! I live for the day when I hear you say you busted that baby out and used him : ) Processing your food will REALLY help you digest it. I do a lot of raw pudding puree whips, just love them. Choco, my dear, every spoonful counts – remember that. Start slow, restore and then build up.

  2. mathgeek77


    Sorry I …

    Sorry I never saw your comments. Usually YT notifies me if I get a comment. Maybe it only notified RHP’s account since your comment was after theirs…? Regardless, I would have responded if I had known it was here.
    My weight is a bit higher, but not for good reasons… Too much b/p on unhealthy food. I’m thinking breaking the brand new Vita Mix out of the box might be the best recourse because maybe I wouldn’t feel so guilty about eating…?

  3. mathgeek77

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your response. I’ll keep the recommendations in mind if I buy them. 🙂

  4. RawHealingPatch

    thank you so much! …
    thank you so much! XXXX you look incredible, but more importantly, you seem to feel incredible. so happy for you along your journey! keep it up! 🙂

  5. Tynx

    YAY girls marinara …
    YAY girls marinara sauce on Kelp noodles. Gotta try this one only ever has this tomato sauce with zuc/sweet potato pasta. Ophina is So sweet nice video awesome playing there! ;o) very cute
    look at wii active got me motivated and fit and ive even got muscles now too xxxPeacexxx love ya vids

  6. RawHealingPatch

    yeah, we woulld …
    yeah, we woulld love to share some raw deliscious tomatoes with you! thanks for responding above to chococat. appreciate it. glad you liked the video and the pool suff… talk soon 🙂 xoxoxo

  7. MyOwnStickFigure

    Note – I speak from …
    Note – I speak from experience meaning the first time I went through refeeding I had to retrain my body. I did this with raw and had dramatically good effects. I have been raw since. However, throughout this period of time I have relapsed, lost weight and caused more damage so I TOO have to go through refeeding all again and know the challenges. I can completely relate, nothing barely at all sits with me now and I have to puree all my foods. There is hope in healing though for both of us!!!

  8. MyOwnStickFigure

    Nice cravings, when …
    Nice cravings, when people get off none raw, junk, etc. foods and detox from them they no longer crave them and start to crave what our bodies were biologically intented to eat – real aka raw food. This is such a cute video, love the pool action and connection, you two are so cute together and then the daughter fun too! What a fun video! family time! woohoo. Kids in the raw kitchen, brilliant, so nice to see. I picked TONS of organic tomatoes today. They are HUGE. I wish I could share with you 3

  9. MyOwnStickFigure

    So unless things …
    So unless things have dramatically changes don’t expect your body and shut down digestive tract to digest things properly. There is hope though, I speak from experience. As you refeed you will retrain yor body and it will repair but until then don’t expect your GI tract, body in general, to function properly., It’s not getting what it needs (if things haven’t changed) and will be on the weak, rebound and refeeding syndrome due to anorexia and side effects and critical low weight. How are you now

  10. MyOwnStickFigure

    Choco, I am going …
    Choco, I am going to jump in here because I know you and your situation on a personal/close level. You must keep in mind that they might not be sitting right considering your restrictive diet, damage from EDs and inability to repair itself unless you refeed. If you haven’t done that yet then nothing is going to digest well. You told me tofu was a purge trigger so you stopped trying to eat it. You also said all you ate was literally coffee, seaweed and a bit of chocolate – that’s it.

  11. MyOwnStickFigure

    Pool scene. I love …
    Pool scene. I love it! Congrats on Day 20, you two are full of energy. Wow, hee-women!!! The famous blood transfusions – wheatgrass juice and coconut water are what they are. Good old David Wolfe’s famous recipe. I use to do this all the time… 1 organic thai young and 1 oz wheatgrass, organic and fresh – drink asap, never leave out… I’m writing this for those who don’t know. I know you two already know : ) Ah ha and now we are blessed with a little drummer girl! Continued next comment:::

  12. RawHealingPatch

    hi chococat- the …
    hi chococat- the noodles are more crunchy than they are chewy. if they sit for about 20 minutes with lemon juice and touch of sea salt, they are pretty close to a pasta txture with a touch of salt. you can also use zucchini noodles if you prefer. yes, tofu is not good for the belly. all unfermented soy is very toxic. undigestable. it is a friend’s pool, we are just blessed to use it. it’s salt water. sweet! 🙂 thanks for the questions…

  13. mathgeek77

    I saw kelp noodles …
    I saw kelp noodles in the Korean grocery store near me, and they looked really gummy…?! How long do you let them sit out? Are they super chewy…? Do they digest well…? I’ve tried the yam/tofu pasta noodle substitutes before, but they didn’t sit well at all.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Is that your pool? It looks amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and refreshing. Wish I were there.

    Peace to you,
    Sandy aka Chococat

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